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Courses for every level, with the goal of seeing students grow in Christ’s likeness

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The workers are few

Serving the Church

Training disciples who make disciples

Cours CLE

Cours CLE (Summer Bachelor’s Program) is an innovative program in which students learn in a flexible schedule which allows them to earn a bachelor’s degree in six years while staying in their ministries wherever they are in Senegal.

Cours aux choix

The Electives Program enables students who want to study a specific subject without going for a diploma or who want to try out theological education without committing to a whole course to take the courses they need when they need them.

Cours Timothée

Cours Timothée (Timothy Program) enables rural pastors and lay leaders to get the training they need in a way that allows tehm to learn and apply immediately in their ministries.

Cours des Femmes

The Women’s Program started out being just for pastor’s wives, but has grown into an adult-education course in which Senegalese women can receive biblical training they can pass on to others.


Located near Thies in a pastoral setting, ITES is a resource for all of Senegal.